What Kills Male Sperm?

Fertility is decreasing around the world. The World Health Organization criteria of what a normal semen analysis is have changed markedly over the last thirty years. And I could even envision a time in the near future where a man may be preserving their semen much the way women are considering preserving their eggs for future usage. As more and more of these data come to light and hit the lay press, men in their twenties may wish to crop reserve sperm such that at age 44 they might take that sample from age 25 decreasing their risks for all those diseases that may be caused by advanced paternal age.

I like to tell your story from my practice; this goes back a few years, but it seems like it was yesterday. We had one of those classic may-december marriages 61-year-old husband with some heart problems and a 42-year-old wife. Amazing. Anyway, the wife called me and said over the last few times that they had engaged in relations she was having the splitting headaches, just pounding killer headaches and even thought she might have passed out for a few seconds on a couple of vacations. And so I asked her to go home and see what lubricant they were using, what was on the bedside stand. So she called back, and she says “I don’t know if this makes any sense to you, but I thought it was KY, but it’s actually something called nitrol paste.” I said “don’t use that anymore, that’s for your husband’s heart problems that dilate his heart vessels and is doing a very good job dilating the vessels around your brain. So get some KY and have better relations”.

Anyway, it is one of the problems of the advanced paternal age.

Dangerous Wi-Fi kills sperm

Wi-Fi lets us a tweet, surf the web and watch live streaming shows. These days though many of us do not see if we’re not near a hot spot. But is Wi-Fi really the greatest thing since sliced bread? I’m wondering: can Wi-Fi be harmful?

Now, Wi-Fi radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that’s all around us, and more than 25000 articles have suggested it is safe. But there are scientists on both sides of the debate and here’s why. To start, why not jump right into the bad news. Guys I know, you were worried about hot tubs and speedos, but a recent study says that Wi-Fi may be nuking your sperm. A recent study took sperm samples from 29 fertile men. They placed a petri dish of sperm under laptops with Wi-Fi turned off, and Wi-Fi turned on. What they found was pretty shocking: sperm exposed to Wi-Fi enabled laptop for lazier, less concentrated and had more DNA damage than their unexposed brothers. But still, early days and more research need to be done.