Controlling Ejaculation Time

Controlling Ejaculation


Controlling ejaculation time might be one of the best solutions for those who are suffering from the premature ejaculation issue and for those who want to give a longer sex duration to their sexual partners. The good news is that there are some sex techniques which will make us be able to control our ejaculation time. These techniques are basically invented for those who are apparently ejaculating too early where it can basically be used for those who want to give more satisfaction to their sexual partner. Luckily, in here we are going to give some techniques that are safe to be used to delay ejaculation hence we can try it without having to worry about some bad consequences.

Thicker Condoms


The first thing that we can try to delay our ejaculation is by wearing thicker condoms. Some doctors do suggest this technique to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. This technique is possible to control our ejaculation time since thicker condoms reduce our penis’s sensitivity. When the penis is not as sensitive as it used to be, it means that it won’t ejaculate at a time that we usually ejaculate. Some people find this technique to be smoothly working. Therefore, it is worth to try it.

Start and Stop


The next technique which is also very effective to delay ejaculation is the start and stop technique. This technique is basically pretty simple where we need to stop doing our sexual activity when we feel that we want to ejaculate soon. Resting for one minute or maybe less than it is recommended and if we have felt that we have regained control of our penis, then we may continue doing our sexual activity. This technique works like magic for those who have premature ejaculation issue hence this technique is also worth to be tried.

However, need to be known that holding our ejaculation is not healthy when we do it over and over in the sexual intercourse. Some studies recommended that this technique can be used for 4 until 5 times where it is going to be unhealthy when we apply this technique more than five times.



The squeeze technique is another technique that is applicable to delay our ejaculation. This technique is also very simple where all we need to do is to squeeze our penis for about 30 seconds, and it will immediately delay the ejaculation. Again, this technique can be considered healthy unless it is used more than five times.